You will see that I have cleverly given this site a serious looking title, so you can read it in your office and everybody will think you are hard at work on pie charts.


I am still not very good at updating this place. To such an impressive extent, I forgot to mention that the film of The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists came out. But anyhow, the film came out. You missed it. So did a lot of people, especially everybody in the States, who apparently were really busy that weekend doing some other thing that they couldn't get out of. You can get it on DVD or Blu-Ray now but I don't see a PENNY of that, so I'm not fussed if you decide to wait for it to be on TV. I understand that you lead a busy life, and there's already a lot of Breaking Bad to watch.

But it would be great if you could buy the new book. This one is An Adventure With The Romantics, and it has Byron and Mary Shelley and a mysterious tattoo and an exciting trip to the library. Two separate members of my family have said it is "easily the best one yet, much better than the Napoleon effort" and you can't really argue with that kind of endorsement.

If you're a devil-may-care Errol Flynn type you'll probably want to take the plunge and buy it right now, but if you're a timid door-mouse of a person you might want to read an extract first.

==> I am a timid door-mouse, I would like to read some of it first in case I think it's rubbish.

==> I am Errol Flynn, take me to Amazon UK or Amazon US or Amazon France or better yet I'll run out to my local bookshop and buy it there without even bothering to get dressed first.

 ==> Hang on, I haven't even read the first one yet. In which case you're in luck, if you're in the UK at least, because look, it's only £1.99 on kindle. £1.99! That's less than a packet of Cheestrings. And it contains TWICE as much calcium.