You should imagine this page being read out by Kate Silverton, trying to do her serious face.

6th December 2010

Aardman Animations and Sony Pictures are making a film based on The Pirates! In Adventure With Scientists. I know that sentence makes me come across as delusional, because it's unlikely enough that someone would have published the book in the first place, let alone ponied up $60 million dollars to painstakingly animate the damn thing, but look, Wired has an article about it here, in black white, so I'm not a fantasist. I'm not. And I can drop the whole self-deprecating schtick when it comes to the movie, because it involves a lot of stupidly talented people who are making it amazing. Annoyingly it doesn't come out until easter 2012, because of the aforementioned painstakingness of stop motion, and it will probably be a while before I'm allowed to say anything much about it without getting thrown straight into the Sony gaol, but luckily Peter Lord, the film's director (and creator of Morph and co-founder of Aardman) also has a twitter account and he's quite bad at keeping stuff secret, so that's possibly the best place to find out about what's happening.

It's sort of Aardman's fault that there hasn't been another book for a while, because Hollywood tends to buy you off with a better quality of free biscuit than the crappy old publishing world can stretch to, but there is going to another Pirates book by the start of 2012, only now it will be published by Bloomsbury, because my editor moved and I followed her there like a lovesick puppy. Hopefully it means that this time the entire advertising campaign won't just be me dressed up in a pirate hat sat on a f*cking rickshaw.