Here is an interview with the Pirate Captain. It is a genuine interview, and anybody who says that I have just copied the text from a 1983 Big Daddy Annual, replacing the words 'Big Daddy' with 'Pirate Captain' and 'wrestling' with 'pirate' is a liar.


Do you remember your first pirating adventure?

Yes! It was at St. Jamesís Hall, Newcastle against a Welsh heavyweight called Sandy Orford. I didnít win! I was quite young then - probably about 17.

Have you had any other names besides the Pirate Captain?

Yes, The Battling Guardsman. I was in the Coldstream Guards during National Service. I remember my first day there because we all had a wrestling match!

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

I was very embarrassed when Eamonn Andrews caught me on ďThis Is Your LifeĒ. I didnít know where to put myself! All the pirates were around laughing and I was hoping it was going to be one of them that was chosen.

Where do you like to go for a holiday?

I like to go to Skegness, Southport or Blackpool.

Have you any ambitions?

My ambition is to keep happy and to make other people happy. Every second of every minute of every day, Iím shaking hands, signing autographs or saying ďHelloĒ.

Why do you think you have such a tremendous effect on children?

I donít know. Itís just happened. Iím told I look like the Pied Piper of Hamelin! I was really proud to be invited to appear at the first Royal Command Performance for children.

Who is your most difficult opponent and why?

Black Bellamy because of his immense size - heís 40 stone! Weíve had some terrific battles!

When did you first become interested in pirating?

My father was a pirate and professional rugby league player and he introduced me to it when I was a boy. We used to pirate on the rug in front of the fire at our home in Halifax, Yorkshire. He even had his own boat. All this was a really good grounding for me.

Did you used to pirate at school?

Yes, I did. I was fortunate because pirating was on the timetable at the school I went to and the school sports master encouraged me a great deal. I think pirating was my best subject at school, although another of the subjects I always liked was English Literature.

What is your favourite food?

Traditional roast beef with yorkshire pudding! I also love chocolate, cakes, chocolate mousse and cream, although I have to go easy on these!

Do you sing yourself?

Iíve made my own record - ďWe shall not be movedĒ. They wanted me to make others but I donít think Iíve had a more harrowing day than the one in that studio, just doing those two sides. I started at ten in the morning and finished at two in the morning! I couldnít go through that again. You have to be cut out for that sort of work. They do the instrumental first, then the vocal backing and the singer last of all.